We have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Ating for the past 25 years and have followed his career from the time ha was a medical student at Universitas Gadiah Mada in Yogyakarta. We have watched him take on series of incredible challenging medical posts, his choices always inspired by his strong humanitarianism and deep belief in social justice. Dr. Ating’s efforts on behalf of Indonesia’s indigenous people – in Irian Jaya, Flores and elsewhere – have truly been heroic. He has withstood significant deprivation and danger in his efforts to treat and educate people who would otherwise be forgotten. The work he is setting out to do in Sulawesi is much needed and Dr. Ating is well-prepared to meet the challenge. His work in and around the Lore Lindu National Park will contribute to the preservation of disappearing species, the protection of precious and threatened rainforest, and the lives of those who live there.

We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ating’s proposed project and urge you to support it.

Katherine Ward, J.D., M.S.W.
and William Ward, J.D.
Boulder, Colorado


I Have known Dr. Ating for more than three years, and had the privilege of working alongside him for two years.

He is a caring and professional medical doctor. He is a good communicator and quickly wins the trust of his colleagues and his patients. He has a calm, no-nonsense approach to his work, and is reliable and trustworthy.

I respect him greatly for the project he is undertaking. It is his calling and passion, and he will not take on a project like this without pulling out all his resources to make it successful. I wish him well and look forward to continuing to hear about the success of his work.

Ronald Stones OBE
Vice-President and Head of Education Practices
Richard Chandler Corporation


I write this letter to recommend Dr Ating Solihin as an excellent medical Doctor, a philanthropic humanitarian and a wonderful human being!

As a teacher of young children I worked closely with Dr Ating for over a year at the Green School in Bali, Indonesia, from June 2009 to August 2010. There he worked as the school’s on-site Doctor who managed a clinic and was responsible for the health of over four hundred students, faculty and staff.

Dr Ating was able to relate well to all ages of children and adults and the parents in the school grew to trust Dr Ating’s accurate diagnosis and effective treatments for their children. Dr Ating often volunteered, at his own expense, to visit the sick children at their homes and to pay for their medicines if family money was not available! Also, he volunteered to stay after school to teach jogging and running to interested children.

Dr. Ating was able to manage emergencies with a calm and reassuring personality, so that all went well for the patient and family. In truth, all of the children and adults loved Dr Ating very much for his way of caring for each individual with great attention, that he was the favorite “teacher” of the school!

I highly recommend Dr Ating and would be happy to answer further questions you might have.

Lee R Wood,
Head of Center, Indus Early Learning Center
Whitefield, Bangalore, India 560066
mob: +91 97393 00007,  14 of April 2011


Dr Ating looked after our daughter for 2 years while working at the Green School in Bali.
He’s an extremely capable Doctor with a great intuitive sense of the patient and their needs.
He has the great gift of being able to soothe and heal people just by his very nurturing presence. Anyone who is lucky enough to be attended to by Dr Ating will be in very good hands!

Kind regards
Susie Cohan,
Bali, 21 of April 2011


We have met Dr. Ating in Green School, Bali, while there for a year. During this period he has been my daughters physician and health advisor in the tropics. He has helped her to overcome a lot of daily minor injuries and tropical inconveniences, has a keen eye for physical as well as mental problems and overall is a very skilled and educated doctor. I decided to visit him as well on a number of occasions and felt he always pointed out a right diagnose.

Overall Dr. Ating is a very pleasant and interested human being who always makes time to listen and help out.

Hoyte de Ranitz
father of Dewi de Ranitz
Creative Director/Designer BrandShape,
Amsterdam, Holland, 7 of May 2011


I adore Dr Ating! He has always kept me informed if my kids have knocks and bruises, and is truly a caring person for all the Green School children.

Best luck with your project.

Melanie Hall
Bali, 8 of May 2011


Dr Ating is an extremely well respected, and well-liked part of our school, here in Bali.

He is an excellent Doctor and is looked to by students, parents and staff for medical help and expertise. His experiences in Papua, personality, as well as his knowledge and dedication will serve to make his work in Sulawesi a wonderful success story, I’m sure.

I have every confidence that Dr Ating will do amazing work in Sulawesi with his “Health Service for Nature Swap” program.

Jerry Lloyd,
Grade 1 teacher, Green School, Bali 12 of April 2011


I have had the privilege of working alongside Dr Ating at The Green School, in Bali, for 18 months. He is a marvelous man, a gifted medic and a passionate environmentalist and humanitarian. It is exciting and fitting to hear the news of the foundation being established. When I have heard his stories and seen pictures of his years of work in far-flung jungle destinations helping villages and communities to live better lives and appreciate the nature share I am warmed that this wonderful man has the vision to crown his long career in tropical medicine with this project and I encourage all who encounter the foundation to take seriously the earnest and genuine nature of its work and administrations.

Dr Ating has character and integrity and he is one of the few real servants of people I have met.

This is a real need he is addressing. I pledge my support and hope others do to. It is well worth it.

Jonathan Wright
Former Green studies specialist, Green School, Bali
Australia 8 May 2011


Dr. Ating possesses that rare blend of heart and brains that sets him apart as a unique individual. He is truly one of the “good guys” in this world.

Ben Macrory
Head of Admission, Green School, Bali
+81 361 7805446
Bali 9 of May 2011


I am so happy to write a letter of support for Dr. Ating. He has been a wonderful support to our family this year at the Green School.

At the beginning of the year, our son, Ismael, was having trouble adjusting to the school environment. Several times when he was too anxious to join the class, he agreed to go and spend time with Dr. Ating in the library. Dr. Ating’s patient and caring manner put him at ease and provided a safe place for our son to adjust to the new school environment.

Ismael suffers from asthma from time to time. I reported this condition on the health form but had not spoken directly to Dr. Ating about it. During the second week of school, Dr. Ating sent me a text letting me know that he was observing Ismael while he was playing play during break-time to check for exercise induced asthma. You can’t imagine how much that extra effort put my mind at ease. Ismael tends to ignore his breathing difficulties when playing sports, so having a medical doctor on-site paying attention to his condition was like a god-sent for us. Especially since Green School is far from a medical center.

Another time, when Ismael had been involved in a spat with an older student on the field, he went to Dr. Ating to ask for help in resolving it. That Ismael felt comfortable to go to Dr. Ating shows the level of care and trust that had developed between them. Dr. Ating went far beyond his call of duty to ensure that Ismael is healthy, safe and secure.

I am sure that Dr. Ating will give more than 100% to any endeavor and the health service for nature swap is an innovative approach to a complex problem. We will miss his presence at the Green School but wish him all the best as he pursues his dreams.

Amy Cordamone
Bali, of May 2011