Malenge Conservation

Sea circle: Togean Islands

Tropical rainforest and coral reef are shrinking fast. These habitats losses have caused rapid extinction of wild plants and animals. If no tangible acts on the ground carried out, the future generations will only be able to see the amazing primates, dolphins, fish, birds, turtles, etc. on television, computer screen, or book.

This project intends to save the biodiversity of Malenge Island (Togean, Sulawesi, Indonesia) from extinction. Although small–around 2 x 7.5 km), Malenge has about 90 bird species; two species of primates: tarsier (T. togeanus)–the smallest primate in Asia–and macaque (M. togeanus); one species of babirusa (deerpig, B. togeanensis); cuscus (marsupial like koala in Australia); hornbill (Aceros cassidix); and more endemic species of either Togean or Sulawesi islands. Realizing that rapid de-forestation and de-reefation involve impoverished people whose livelihood depends significantly on the harvesting the ocean and forest products, the project approach is to help these people achieve a better standard of living by developing a community-based ecotourism, and running a conservation education.

Illegal logging in the Park

By generating financial benefits for the locals, the wildlife in the ocean and forest will receive increased protection from them, who see specific and long term advantages to helping preserve the Park.