Birding in LLNP

Birding in LLNP

I spent the last night in Wuasa, the center of Napu area. At the Sendy Inn of Wuasa, I met Herve and Noelle, the couple birders. Herve, about 55, is a French medical doctor. He practices only three months in a year; the rest of the year he travels around the world with Noelle.

It is interesting to reflect on their way of life. They have no children so that they do not have financial responsibility for their future generation. They looked romantic. No doubt that both of them love birding; they have visited difficult areas and spent so much money just for doing this hobby. How could watching birds keep them enthusiastic with their lives?

Moral responsibility of taking care of their children well is the driving force for most people to keep their life enthusiastic. Loving is the flame of life. If they do not have children, people often replace them with adopting pets. Birding seems play similar role to certain people. To Herve and Noelle, birding binds their relationship romantically and keeps life enthusiasm.

Herve and Noelle identified about 50 species of birds in Anaso area for five days. For a very small area, it is very rich. The Lore Lindu National Park is thousand times of Anaso area. If we can find more bird hotspots, we can make the Park attract many birders. The revenue from the birders might help to motivate local people to protect the Park.