The Project has Landed

The Project has Landed

Nothing much has changed in the last two months. The forest of the Lore Lindu National Park is as beautiful as it was, but there are more “bald patches” along the way from Palolo to Doda (around 150 kilometer). The road has been much worse; heavy rain has removed off the top layer of the asphalt and damage the underneath creating holes. Driving car on this part of the road needs special skill; I switched the gear between first and second every 2 – 3 minutes, and kept rolling the steer to avoid deep holes. In town, people would think I was drunk.

Watutau Valley is the same: quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. It has been always like this since I came here two years ago. And, the inn of Sendy is also the same: unfinished. Luckily, this time I got a clean room, with the open view to the valley, at the inn belongs to the former head of the district (Camat).

At one corner in the front yard, some workers have been constructing a small building. I explored the building. Perfect! That is all I need soon. An office that can be used as a homestay. And, luckily, again, the Camat was willing to rent it to me for a reasonable price.

I visited my favorite spot, the Siliwanga dam, where the rice fields meet the forest. People were planting rice plants on both sides of the hardened track to the Park. Near the end of the path, I heard the sound of the chainsaw, but I did not see the operator. At the end of the track, I saw a pile of planks covered by leave. I entered the Park following a trail and found the first stump within a few meters. It was an old one. The fresh one was about 100 meters ahead. I was very tempted to go deeper, but dusk was falling. I felt a stab on my chest listening to the sound of the chainsaw while leaving the Park. So much I have to do for saving the habitat of the tarsiers and their fellow animals inside the Park.