Project Update 2021: Wildlife Sanctuary

Project Update 2021: Wildlife Sanctuary

I have to accept the reality of life that at dusk we lose our fitness. I haven’t visited the animals in the forest for two years because doing it by myself with my reduced fitness is not wise. Luckily they now come visiting our home, the babirusa and macaques. To keep them close to us, I have bought a plot of land and named it ‘Matahari Wildlife Sanctuary’.

Matahari is only one kilometer from our home. The beach, 200 meters, consists of the mixture of white sand, gravels, pebbles, mud, and mangroves; sea grass and kelp replace them toward the ocean before the coral reefs taking over the bay water; and beyond the blue deep sea surrounds the bay and the cliff.

The cliff is longer than the beach, 600 meters. It extends to the hills beyond, which is covered with hundreds of coconut trees, but the hardwood trees have started to invade the coconut grove because the previous owner of the land had neglected it. The grove continues to the primary forest behind it. That is the best part of the land for the wildlife.

The other excellent part is the mangroves on the west side. Their roots are the habitat of tidal creatures (oyster, clam, snail, mudskipper, frog, fiddle crab, etc), their canopies of various coastal birds like egret, kingfisher, eagle, and so on.

The one I love most is the lagoon behind the the beach line. It is large, almost one hectare; the east side just pool but the west side is covered with mangroves, which is connected to the mangroves on the coast.There is a spring, the only one on the north coast of Malenge Island, with clear fresh water at the south bank of the lagoon. I will not have water problem for gardening. And my plan is to plant the land with fruit trees the big animals love.

I am very happy to have this land for the home of the wildlife of Malenge Island. It would be their last refuge when Homo sapiens fell all big trees in their home forest. Thanks to the Primate Conservation Inc., my brother, and one classmate of mine at the medical school for their donation.