Dyatmika School Supports DAF

Besides the Green School (GS) community, two teachers and one librarian of the Dyatmika School also attended the presentation on the Jane Goodall Institute and its Roots&Shoots program by Alicia Kennedy on December 22, 2012. The Dyatmika team participated in the discussion on our foundation too. The result is very encouraging: the Dyatmika School (DS) will join the network of R&S and support the foundation with fundraising.
One of the main differences between GS and DS is the volatility of the students. Most of DS students stay long because the majorities are the children of either Indonesian couples or mixed race couples, and it seems they love DS. For DAF (Dr. Ating Foundation), the stable supporters are crucial because we have lost many ardent supporters from going back to their home countries. More importantly, when they graduate from universities, the students of DS are more likely to work in Indonesia. We hope some of them will work on the conservation of the tropical rainforest and wildlife.
The visit of Alicia Kennedy is an achievement. Jerry worked hard to prepare this visit. On leaving, Alicia passed me two million rupiah from her daughter Evelyn for DAF and a book by Jane Goodall “Hope for Animals”. The money was collected during her birthday celebration this year. Thank you, Evelyn.