Feeding All Creatures but . . .

Feeding All Creatures but . . .

“Hush, hush, hush,” Meidy was standing on the sand trying to drive away her ‘enemies’. But they were still swimming around her. “Ouch!” finally one of them managed to pinch one of her calves and it drove Meidy out of water. “Don’t feed them again!” she shout at me. I just smiled, said nothing. It was her who asked me to feed the fish in front of our house on Malenge Island, Sulawesi, whenever she finished removing the gills and other internal organs of the fish we bought from the fishermen.

We feed all creatures living in our new home; Meidy terrestrial and aerial, I marine. There are many: two dogs, two chicken, various birds (at least 12 species, including eagle and hornbill), monitor lizards, skunk, land turtle, crabs, hermit crabs, and bats. Were she knew what frogs and toads eat, she must feed them too, I think, but definitely she will not feed the snakes that stay occasionally in the second guest house hut–I had not informed her about this ‘special’ guest; otherwise, she would not dare enter the hut for good.

We enjoy seeing animal foraging in our yard and beach. The sea water is very clear. I can see various colorful fish, including stingrays, eel, and sharks swim around. Except for the stingrays, all of them are gathering in the feeding spot. Such a wonderful view! From our windows, we can see birds flying, perching, and landing on the feeding areas; crabs crawling out of their holes–some are so big that we put our feet inside and, therefore, endanger our ankles from sprain. And, bats fly around under our house every late afternoon, looking for fruits Meidy provides, if we have.

The most exhilarating is seeing the eagles snatching fish. They perch patiently on the trees–either on the east or west cliff bordering our bay–before diving onto the water surface. Sometimes, on the way back to the trees, they lose the fish back into the water. No problem, though they are not big, fish are abundant during the low tide in front our home.