From Pessimism 2012 to Optimism 2013

From Pessimism 2012 to Optimism 2013

If you read my previous posting “Pessimism and Hope”, you can feel my gloomy tone, illustrated by the photo of the moss forest in Papua. I wrote, “The chance to get funding in Indonesia is practically zero. Endangered species is not well heard by most Indonesians, and the ones who have heard about it do not think it important; this attitude is common all over the world.” I was wrong. An Indonesian woman, Habsari Budhi Utami, has given regular donation to our foundation; she is also interested in helping us with her skills, time, and other resources.

“I have no network but a few friends mentioned in the previous postings. They keep my flame of hope on.” These few friends have indeed transformed my hope into reality. For example, Consuelo Jackman held a fundraiser in her house on December 10, 2012. The total fund she gathered is almost $20K! I would like to thank to the following people for their supports in that event:

1. Martha Rogers              2. Marcus Doyle               3. Cyma Musarat Malhi

4. David Dawson              5. Richard Carty               6. Timothy Rostron

7. Fiona Berry                   8. Maya Mavjee & Henry Jackman

9. Rochelle De Goias & Duncan Jackman     10. Victoria Jackman

11. Trinity Jackman         12. Maruja Jackman     13. Serena Mitchell

14. Amoryn Engel & Kevin Warn- Schindel     15. Wendy & David Franks

16. Cristina Burgess     17 Katie & Michael Roland

18. Ted Geatros     19. Gregory Woods  & Hadley Obodiac

20. Yoo-Mi Astley & Derek Astley     21. Gareth Selzter & Monique Brandt

22. Ginger Sorbara & Douglas Birkenshaw     23. Jennen Phelen

I believe the foundation total fund is around $30,000. Added with my saving, $15,000, from working in Papua, we have $45,000 to start with. This amount of money was unimaginable to me six months ago. We just need another $50,000 to finance the first year of the project. It means I can provide treatment to around 5,000 poor patients living the area 200 square kilometer—some of them might be prevented from premature deaths, especially the women in labor and newborns. In addition, we are going to have a mobile clinic car and a small stationary clinic in the Lore Lindu National Park as the Foundation’s assets.

Thank you, my teammates. I would be very happy to host you in the Park anytime next year. Happy New Year 2013.