My Foundation Donors

My Foundation Donors

On leaving the restaurant, he handed me a folded bundle of rupiah banknotes–all 100s–“For you.” I was astounded.

“I can’t take it,” I said.

“Take it. For your foundation.” It took me another two seconds before taking it. Yes, I need money to run my project, actually to keep it alive after resigning from the mining company six months ago.

“Thank you very much, J,” I hugged him, almost tearing. It has been a long time I had not received any money more than $100 for my project.

J and his wife S match the profile of the main donors of my foundation: kind, friendly, timid, modest, and not very well off. Some of these donors are single mothers who struggle hard to have a decent life with their children in Bali.

I guess, in order to be wealthy, people have to save money as much as possible. However, when they have been wealthy, they still keep this way of life in order to overcome the fear of falling into poverty, albeit their wealth is enough for supporting the cost of living of their grandchildren. They miss the joy of giving for other human and non-human species in need, the feeling that acts behind the generosity of my donors.